Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I find it interesting...

That I have wasted the past hour and half reading recipes...
when what I really should be doing is, oh I don't know--ALMOST ANYTHING ELSE!!
I have laundry to do.
I have writing I purportedly want to do.
I have a house that is...let's say...ummm...experiencing entropy in a rather distinct fashion.

But, ok.
Here I am.
Writing this, at least.
I'm just doing this so that I don't feel so badly when I give in and play Dope Wars.
No, it's not on frigging facebook or anything.
It's just this lame-yet-super-awesome little math game.
I like to call it a math game, so I don't feel so badly for LOVING a text-based game where you buy and sell illicit substances and borrow money from loan sharks and occasionally get chased by the cops.

My brown ...uh...that was supposed to be "brain".
And it serves to prove the point I was attempting to make with the sentence starting, "My brain..."
I was trying to say that my brain doesn't work right lately.
But it said it for me.
Kinda groovy.
If it weren't also a tad bit alarming.
But, eh, whatever.
I hate alarm clocks anyway.

I thought I had a funny story...
Oh yeah.
Last night Oldest Step-son had us watch a claymation video that he discovered online.
It was a beautiful little story, a bit dark but also adorable.
"Harvey Krumpet" is the name and there were lots of big names in the voice overs.
Super groovy.
So the title character learns a bunch of "fakts," as his mother spells it, and one of them he shares with us is my new favorite slogan.
"The people who believed the earth was flat are the people who wrote the Bible."
I posted that as my facebook status, and got a rebuttal from a painfully Christian friend (of a friend, really).
She said something like, "Everyone believed the earth was flat then and only the Creator knows..." uh...something. Can't remember what she ended with.
But I couldn't help but reply!!
Uh...that's the whole point: the Bible was written by and for people who didn't truly understand the world around them, so they made up reasons why things happened. I think it's super funny that modern day religious-types think that they are so obviously more correct than the ancient Greeks or Romans, or Native Americans! The older I get, the more surprised I am that anyone else still believes the fairy tales of their youth, because I have grown out of those closed-minded beliefs.
Which is not to say that I would EVER want to persuade anyone to change their beliefs; if you have religion and it works for you--AWESOME. Good for you, and happy yappy day. But I happen to be a skeptic these days; and to believe that if there is an omniscient being of some kind, he/she/it is far less involved in our little microcosm than we would like to believe.

I got all...controversial and stuff.
I guess that's what happens when you think more than you dream.
Or when you're borderline depressed because life is harder than it used to be and yet you still can't find the inner drive to make something of yourself.
"You" being me, in this case. Heh.

Well, whatevs.
If this blog has proven anything, it is that I am about as unpredictable as the weather patterns of the coast of Maine.
(That is to say, right wicked unpredictable!)


D-Man said...

Earth is flat. Unless it is on a hill. Or in a hole. Either way, it tastes like dirt. That's why you have to add sugar.

Mr. L said...

People need to justify their behaviour and will glom onto anything that helps them do so...