Saturday, June 26, 2010

Iron Pen Competition, SLC

A friend of mine is participating, but I am not there this year.
She sent me the photo which is the only guideline the participants are given.
I couldn't help but respond to it...

Smoke stack rising in the distance
Your brothers teased you for years
(you saw it last, lost in thoughts amid the chaos of the long road trip with too many passengers)
but now you are gone
the tallest brother
the shortest (life).
And the youngest
(now the tallest, in your absence)
has filled his shoulder space with ink
of a scene of industry,
the smoke stack which you saw last
and exclaimed in surprise
at something the others had already discussed at length
"Look at that huge smokestack!"
They laughed and laughed...
They love you better now than they ever did then.


D-Man said...

That's beautiful.And sad.

E. said...

Lovely. And, yes, so sad. Do you still keep in touch with your ex and/or his family?